You Are An ANZAC And You Are Sending A Postcard Home To Your Family

Imagine Life As A World War One Solider

This is an image of a postcard, written by private Herbert Vincent Reynolds on November

25th 1915.
On the back it reads

“Dear Mother
This view of Anzac Cove as far as I can judge must have been taken about the end of
May. The pier which was there when I left is not in view. The hospital can be seen on
the right center of the view, but when I left it was shifted further along and is now in the
center of the cove and would be shown exactly in the center of the view. Many were the
lads who went out in the landing on this spot I first set foot, away along towards the left of
the view on the first Sunday April 25th. There were about 1800 wounded on the spot
shown and the scene was a terrible one. The view is not a very clear one. The hills are
really more steep than they look in the view.”

Your task is to take on the role of an ANZAC soldier and to send a postcard home to your
family. Choose any image in the collection. Use it as the front of your postcard and write
your postcard on the back.





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