3/4J Meets Dra. Hernandez As We Start A Connection With Teachers At The School of Education CA State University San Marcos

Welcome To Our Global Classroom Dr Hernandez and Student Teachers 

The opportunity to travel overseas has provided Mrs Joyce with the chance to meet outstanding educators from around the world. Dr Hernandez is an inspirational leader from America who is passionate about education as Mrs Joyce is. Her student teachers are learning to implement global projects, connections and lessons in preparation for their future in classrooms. After sending a welcome email to Dr Hernandez this fabulous introduction appeared on our blog.

3/4J I would like you to send a welcome message to Dr Hernandez and her students.

Dear Mrs. Joyce and students,

We are looking forward to meeting you online. I met Mrs. Joyce 2 years ago at the iEARN Conference in Argentina and we saw each other again this year in Brazil. I am teaching bilingual teacher candidates who are taking courses towards their California teaching credential/license and are in classrooms doing their clinical practice. Some of my students are studying to become elementary teachers, while others are focusing on secondary/high school education. We meet weekly and talk about designing lessons for our diverse classrooms. We learn and teach in two languages (English and Spanish).

We want to congratulate you on all your wonderful projects – we looked at your website last night in class and we are very impressed with how you learn content. Mrs. Joyce gave me a $1 to spend on a Kutoa project – that got my students very excited about this organization and doing something to help others around the world. We are looking forward to learning from you this year.
Wishing you a great day!
Dra. Hernandez

Assistant Professor of Multilingual and Multicultural Education

So Hello to Dr Hernandez

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