Inquiry Focus Area Groups – The Changing Earth

Partners For This Terms Inquiry Theme – The Changing Earth

Sinkholes – Marley and Bailey

Lanslides – Jazi and Anyieth

Tsunamis – Ethan S and Lavender-May, Jaydee

Floods – Danica and Nanjera

Hurricanes – Jayden M and Kiara

Drought – Peace and Jack, Josh and Charlize

Bushfires – Malachi and Robert, Ruot and Brandon

Pollution – Shontae and Tamara

Rising Sea Levels – Anna and Tayla

Volcanoes – Coby and Kye, Allan and Kemper, Ethan R and Jayden B

Earthquakes – Lochana and Tristan, Isaiah and Brock

Tornadoes -Tyrone and Vincent, Zaniel and Hayden

Global Warming – Emma and Tyson, Angel and Aslan


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