Lets Learn About The World With @AirPano #teach_fresh @ICTEvangelist #education

AirPano Teaches 3/4J About The World


5/6J you are a world explorer. You have been awarded a round the world plane ticket that will allow you to fly into any 5 spectacular places in the world. Using AirPano you will explore your 5 wish list places and share them with the class in a mini project.

Here are your instructions:

  1. Explore www.airpano.com and decide where you are going to travel to.
  2. Use a world map to mark out your flight passage. Where you will visit first, through to where your last destination will be.
  3. You must take pictures (screenshots) of each of the places you visit. Your photos must include famous landmarks, waterways (If necessary), housing etc
  4. Make an animoto about your trip. Explaining each of your photos.
  5. Choose one of your places to write a descriptive piece of writing that will be included on the blog along with your animoto.
  6. Lastly have fun and visit places you never knew existed in the world.


Courtesy of www.AirPano.com

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